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Licensing Information

Licensing Overview offers pre-cleared music and sound effect tracks for creative and commercial
production uses, available for immediate licensing and download. You can use the tracks here for any kind of productions
such as feature-length films, TV shows, documentaries, commercials for TV, radio and Internet, software apps,
corporate uses, and much more. Our content works great for all types of creative and commercial productions, whether for
broadcast or non-broadcast uses.

Formats licency:

Every music track you purchase here can be send in the following file formats under requests,
the direct download is only in high mp3 format.

• WAV (16bit, 44.1Khz) For PRO WAV (48bit, 16 Khz) or highter
• MP3 (choose either 320Kbps, 192kpbs or 128kbps)
• Various other file formats supported as well or we can create a custom encoding if you need something

How Does Licensing Work Here?

All tracks or packs you license at Mazzoni Media are provided on a non-exclusive and
in-perpetuity basis, according to the terms and conditions of our License Agreement.
This allows you to utilize our music within a wide variety of audio and/or visual productions or
applications and means that:

• for any track or soundpack you license, you can use it forever with no additional payments due
• you may synchronize any of our music tracks within an unlimited number of productions
• there are no additional fees or licenses for different synchronization uses or edited productions
• you may distribute an unlimited number of copies of your production worldwide

No Registration needed

To make the most fast of your experience here at Mazzoni Media, listen the tracks,
and you can immediately add any tracks you like from the Music Catalog and Use it.
the download is in high MP3 Format… for any specific request, please contact Us.

Free download area

• for the free download must respect the Copyrights and pay the fee
• any track, from free catalog, you can use it need send a mail form for requests.
• there are Copyrights fees for different synchronization uses or edited productions
• Mention the composer and the site ( )
• you may distribute an unlimited number of copies of your production worldwide


Please contact [email protected] or
call Ph. or WA +39 3385661013 to discuss
Mazzoni Media Music